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Pembroke is a seasoned and talented team of building and construction professionals with many years of experience in the construction industry. Since combining talents in 2014 we have helped our clients build, maintain and improve their commercial and residential properties.

The diverse nature of our business model incorporating a highly skilled construction team, combined with earthworks and civil construction, places Pembroke in a position to provide a wide range of services including:

Site clearing

Includes the removal of trees, demolishing buildings, removing any and all old underground infrastructure, and any other obstacles that might affect the construction process.

Bulk earthworks

Includes the removal, moving or adding of large quantities of soil or rock from a particular area to another done in order to make an area a suitable height and level for construction.


Involves all road surface repairs.


Includes taking a building apart while carefully preserving valuable elements for recyclable purposes.

Storm-water installation

Includes the installation of a drain designed to remove excess rain and ground water from impervious surfaces such as paved streets, car parks, parking lots, footpaths, sidewalks and roofs.

Sewage installation

Includes the installation of large pipes that convey the sewage from the point of production to the point of treatment or discharge.

Sediment fencing

Also called a “filter fence”, involves a temporary sediment control device used on construction sites to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from sediment (loose soil) in stormwater runoff.

Residential new-builds

Includes the construction of new houses and other buildings as well as refurbishment.

Residential extensions

Includes the construction of new houses and other buildings as well as refurbishment.

Residential bathroom and kitchen renovations

Involves bathroom and kitchen refurbishment from start to finish.


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