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The diverse nature of our business model incorporating a highly skilled construction team, combined with earthworks and civil construction, places Pembroke in a position to provide a wide range of services including:

Civil Construction

Stormwater Installation

Includes the installation of stormwater systems designed to remove rain and groundwater from surfaces such as roads, car parks, parking lots, footpaths, driveways roofs. We use high quality pipes, fittings, and adhesives to ensure functionality and council compliance.

Site Clearing

Includes the removal of trees also known a clearing and grubbing. We ensure that we have the required permits prior to tree clearing and have a fauna spotter onsite as required. We also remove any other obstacles that might affect the construction process.


Includes road construction from start to finish using graders, heavy excavation equipment and bitumen paving machines . Works include kerbing and footpath construction, profiling the road and construction of the verge. We make sure all our works meet councils strict quality assurance requirements.

Bulk Earthworks

Includes the scraping the site, importing fill , moving
fill including soil and rock from one area of site to another in order to make flat blocks to facilitate construction. We meet all council requirements including level 1 supervision where required.

Erosion and Sediment Control

we undertake sediment control in accordance with the development approval. This involves a temporary sediment control device used on site to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from sediment (loose soil) in stormwater runoff. We also install entry an exit points for the site as required.


We undertake demolition of buildings and other structures including applying for all required council permits and disconnections, removing any and all old underground infrastructure as required. We also always ensure that when removing asbestos apropriate measures are taken and a clearance certificate is always provided.

Sewage installation

We install sewage infrastructure for your new development including manholes and sewage lines. We ensure that we meet the local authority requirements so the job is only done once. Our strict quality requments ensure that the infrastructure is built using materials as specified on the IPAM list and 100% compliant with the SEQ-WASA requirments

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Development Management

We provide a range of tailored end-to-end Property Development Management services, including Feasibility Studies, Cost Estimates, Site Acquisitions, Approval Management, and Construction. We can take care of everything, from start to finish for your project.

Determine Client Requirements

We scope the requirements for the development, including project size, location and budget, as well as any other requirements the client may have for their ideal site.

Find the Ideal Site

We use our network of agents and contacts to find the perfect site for our client, that meets all their criteria.

Check Overlays

We analyse all the relevant zoning and site overlays to find any nasty surprises the site may hold before the project gets underway, reducing risks and unexpected costs.


We conduct a thorough feasibility study for the project, including a project timeline and cash flow analysis, to provide an estimate of the total costs and duration of the project.

Secure Site

We will sign an agreement with the seller, to secure the sale of the site for our client.

Obtain Approval

We work with various consultants to obtain a Development Approval for the project.

Deliver Project

We work closely with all stakeholders to deliver the project, from construction to completion and plan sealing. Ensuring the development is completed in accordance with the conditions of the development approval

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The Development Process

We deliver quality construction projects

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